Frequently asked questions

Essential Oils And Aromatherapy

1What is Aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is defined as the therapeutic use of pure, unadulterated essential oils and other fragrant plant materials for holistic health treatments.Aromatherapy was the name given to the use of fragrant plant oils by Gattefosse. He defined aromatherapy as “a therapy or cure using aroma, aromatics and scents”, noting that the most curative properties were found in plants.Today aromatherapy is widely used and accepted as an exceptional alternative to conventional treatments for both humans and animals.
2How does Aromatherapy work?
Plants produce essential oils for a variety of reasons; attracting insects, repelling pests and fighting off bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi. Aromatherapy works on various levels: physically, emotionally and holistically.Although Aromatherapy will greatly benefit your pet on many different levels, it is not meant to take the place of conventional medical treatment. If an animal needs to be taken to a vet for more immediate care, then this should definitely be done
3How are essential oils made?
Aromatics are extracted from plant materials in a variety of ways. Essential oils can be produced in various parts of the plant, from the flowers, leaves and stems, the fruit, berries, bark, seeds or roots. The following is a list of the various ways in which these precious oils are extracted: Steam distillation Solvent extraction Expression Enfleurage Carbon Dioxide extraction Florasol extraction
4Why can't you use Aromatherapy on Cats?
It is potentially dangerous to use essential oils on cats for several reasons. Cats differ greatly from dogs in how they metabolize and excrete certain substances from their bodies. Cats do not have the necessary enzymes to break down certain substances and effectively excrete them. This leads to the build up of toxins in their bodies, especially their livers.Cats are particularly sensitive to certain essential oil components. Essential oils with their myriad of chemical constituents are all highly individual. Cats are adversely affected by certain essential oil components known as phenols and ketones. These constituents have been discovered to cause the most adverse effects.
5Are there any oils that can't be used on animals?
There is a common misconception that all natural ingredients are always safe, always gentle and never cause reactions. In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many natural substances are highly toxic and irritating despite being of botanical origin.Although all the oils Earth Pets use in their products are completely safe for use on your dog, there are a number of oils that should be avoided at all times, such as; Anise, Birch, Garlic, Oregano, Mustard, Camphor, Crested Lavender, Juniper etc.