Crystal Collars

Rose Quartz - Calming and reassuring - adds physical heart and circulatory system

Rhodochrosite - Alleviates irrational fear & paranoia. An irritant filtr, aids asthma and respiratory problems. Purifies circulatory system and kidneys, restores poor eyssight. Relieves infection and balance thyroids.

Moonstone - Aids digestive system. assimlilating nutrients and eliminating toxins. Alleviates degenerative conditions of skin, fur and eyes.

Clear Quartz - One of the most powerful healing stones, stimulates the immune system.

Amethyst - Calms mind, alleviates anger, rage and fear - relieves pain, strenghtens cleansing organs and circulatory system, calms nervous system, aid insomia, hearing endocrine glands, digestive tract, heart and cellular disorder.