Zeus - The Rags To Riches Story

In July 2013 Earth Pets adopted a dog from the SPCA.  Zeus was only 4 months old and already had a tough beginning.  When the SPCA picked him up he was emancipated and in very bad shape so the mission was to get him healthy and trained up.  This was a challenge as he had been so starved that he gulped his food and then brought it up again.  So it was a slow process of getting him to eat slowly and little bits at a time.  We finally got there, however he is still the biggest food thief on the planet.


Once Zeus was healthy and settled Sandy started training him, first in obedience then moved onto agility.  He was an extremely fast learner and loved the special time with Sandy.  They developed an extremely strong bond.  Sandy and Zeus continued with Obedience and Agility as well as starting new training, as in Trick Training, Sniffer Training and Rally Free. 


Once Zeus had gained more confidence Sandy enrolled him into the Animal Acting Academy, where he excelled.  He was soon chosen for the lead role in a South African Film called “A Paw Paw vir my Darling”. He worked extremely hard on set and even though there were moments when he was afraid of the equipment or the people, he managed to conquer that and finish filming.  The movie will be released sometime in 2016.


As you can see Zeus has come a long way from when Sandy adopted him. He boasts an animal acting certification, trick certifications, as well as his CGC (Canine Good Citizen).  He continues to train in sniffer, agility and obedience.  Due to the Animal Acting Academy he is on the books at the “Tails Up” casting agency. He is a walking example of the “Rags-to-Riches” story.  It is simply not true when people say that rescue dogs cannot be trained or that they have serious emotional issues.  If you have the dedication and love for the dog, anything can be achieved.